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Caitlyn Rodriguez

Your phone number isn’t working. It goes straight to an answering machine. I was speaking with someone and making an order but the line went silent and now I can’t reach anyone!! So frustrating

Eric Brown

I frequently eat here every day for lunch. Most of the chefs know me and the waitresses. However, today I was not allowed to sit down and eat despite me being in the restaurant before closing time. People walked past me and failed to acknowledge me. I will be writing up a report as well about this incident. This is unacceptable when I spend at least $30-$40 a day here plus tipping $20 or more per visit. Very poor customer service.

Mike Hunt

Tried calling for 15 minutes, phone went to Voicemail that was full each time. Could not place a pickup order.

Laura Otis

Coupons need to update! Those are for 2017!!