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John Romney

Hi, my name is John Romney VP of Development at Combo Kitchen, the world’s first ghost kitchen franchise. I’m reaching out to you because I’m currently recruiting restaurants to join the Combo Kitchen Network. The Combo Kitchen Network is a unique franchise system that allows an entrepreneur to invest in a ghost kitchen and operate multiple proven food brands listed within The Combo Kitchen Network. In exchange for a one-time entrance fee and your participation in our program you are only responsible for providing the initial training to a franchisee, ongoing menu and product updates and training when need be. For each location which opens, you receive a 3.5% royalty fee on an ongoing monthly basis and you will also benefit from a tremendous increase in company valuation with each new location. In addition, you will also benefit from increased buying power within our network thus ultimately reducing your food cost. There are many more benefits in joining our network which I ca


what are vegan options?


I had a fantastic dinner and a really good time at the same time. I noticed that the families with children were totally entertained and having a blast. Can’t wait to bring my nieces here. Are there children’s menus? See you soon!


Thank you!