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Cecilia Flores

Hello, My family has been coming to your restaurant for at least 10 years to celebrate our kids birthdays (5). Every time I ask where they would like to go to celebrate, without a doubt they shout: "Fuji Steakhouse"!! We have a great time celebrating these milestones at Fuji. Keep up the great work!!!

Michael Leon

Hi, I am a real estate agent with 2nd generation restaurant in Bowie, are you interested? It is located on Route 450.

amber mclain

very upset with pick up service tonight on 03/13/18 around 8:15... ordered 2 shrimp meals... 1 WITH ONLY ZUCCHINI... and 1 WITH SALAD INSTEAD OF SOUP... the other way the way it comes. she completely fucked it up and was very rude on the phone and in person.. i like fuji very much but if this is how is it now since the change i will not be coming back. the new people are very rude and can barely understand you.

Hannah L

I visit Fuji frequently with my friends and family. I think they have one of the best happy hours and great choice of sushi. I even enjoy an occasional fried rice and steak that is delicious! The staff is always super nice and even remembers what we order. We have used a Groupon before and there wasn't a problem. We called ahead of time to reserve a table and informed them of our Groupon. The Groupon worked and we left with our bellies happy. The happy hour deal is actually better than the Groupon deal.