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David Goodrich

All your online coupons expired in October of last year. Will there be new offers soon on your website?

Sean armstrong


Sean armstrong

We had a party of 10 Xmas eve at 500 under the name poole..The service was ok the rice was bland and there was nothing put in rice besides the sauce no veg..wife and I got filet and shrimp steak was ok we all could smell the shrimp at the table...We always order double rice so we can take left overs home we left them on plate it was that bad so did most of the party ...We eat there about 10 to 12 times a year never had a problem with the food ..the waitress was ok the chef was ok the food was just bad...Not sure if something has changed but it was deffintly different...If you need any more info or questions please feel free to call 301-908-1897 ..

Paula Perry

Hi, Thank you for participating annually in our Empty Bowls fundraiser at SRHS. All proceeds go to AACo Food bank. I wanted to give you a friendly reminder that we will be dropping off a new food bucket Wednesday and picking it back up with up 5 gallons (1 bucket) of Sui Mono Soup Thursday November 16th at 4 p.m. Is that time doable? Please respond at your earliest convenience. If there are any questions or concerns, please contact me asap at 4432050419. Many thanks, Paula Perry Interact Sponsor